Delivering Creative Content And Services

Imaginarium Pictures provides video production services for a variety of industry needs, from corporate and small businesses to the bride and groom who are looking to capture one of their most memorable days.  Even when a full scale production is not needed, we have several services that are available to assist in an individual's creative endeavors.

Every creative project is unique in its own way, the budget for such a service will vary.  Unlike other businesses you will find the pricing for some of our more common services right here on the web site.  For video productions that are unique, please contact the studio, allowing us to speak to specifics and to prepare a budget that best meets ones expectations.  Remember, its not just the camera, but the creativity and the time that's necessary to bring a "produced" video to the audience.  

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Wedding Videos

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More videos will be added through out the year.  If you are looking for an example of a specifics piece of work, please contact the studio.