Kalamazoo and Portage Photography and Video Production Services

Imaginarium Pictures is a full service production studio committed to providing quality photography and video production services to Southwest Michigan.   The studio specializes in wedding and high school senior photography, along with live event and commercial video productions services.  Projects of all sizes are welcomed.  A web site is to be informative, answering some of the most common questions.  If in the event your question is not answered please contact the studio for a prompt response.

Current Events

Wedding Season

Congratulations to Amanda and Josh who were married on July 30th at Riverside Receptions in Centreville, Michigan, along with Alexandria and Joseph who held their ceremony and reception at the very nice Blue Dress Barn on August 7th!  

The wedding season in Michigan is in full swing.  If your looking to book a wedding this year or even in 2017, contact the studio to learn more about availability and to schedule a consultation.  Do it now and have one more item accomplished on your to do list.  Here are quick links to our respected wedding services, Wedding Photography and Wedding Videos.  

Our  demonstration video is now posted with access to our gallery of highlight videos.   Take a look!

High School Seniors

Studendts are now back to school!  Is there a Senior in the household?  Make sure to schedule a high school senior / portrait session before the school becomes more busy.  Visit the studio's photography page to learn more about pricing and availability.

Recital Videos

All recital videos for both Academy of Dance Arts and West Michigan Dance Center have been completed and mailed out.  A big thank you to all of the family members that placed an order for this year.

Video Transfers

Do you have old family videos on VHS or on some other type of "out dated" medium?  Take an opportunity and have them transferred to DVD Video or MP4 format.  If the moments were special enough to capture, then they to are importrant to preserve for the years to come.


With Fall approaching the web series Transitions in back in pre-production for two new episodes.  Production for both My Absence and Departure are slated to begin in September, with hopes of wrapping quickly in the month of October.  

Studio Hours and Availability

The studio is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and also by appointment.  Drop ins are always welcomed, but its encouraged to set appointments to insure that staff is in the office and not on assignment.