What Makes Up Imaginarium Pictures

Located in Portage, Michigan, Imaginarium Pictures is a small studio that has been in business since 2000.  The studio has successfully evolved over the last 15 years, adapting to the changing photography and video market.  Chad Ream is the studio's producer and is the lead manager on all of its photography and video assignments.

When the studio was started in the year 2000, the principal focus was on providing video production services to both the consumer and commercial markets.  By 2005, digital photography had evolved and created an opportunity to introduce such services complimenting the existing resources and expanding the services offered.  Over the years Chad has had an opportunity to produce many television commercials, live event videos and much more.

In 2010 the studio began producing the web series called Transitions, a show that is within the supernatural genre and is made up of many volunteers within Michigan.  The series has continued its development and has been recognzied with many awards, such as the 2013 Eclipse Award. 

A lot has evolved in the digital world and more now than ever before, the medium that we work within is more intergrated into our lifestyles.  No matter the size of the project, we look forward to partnering with you to express your creative ideas.

In 2016, Chad evolved the studio's business model and personally became a licensed real estate agent in Michigan.  While being able to provide one on one service to real estate clients, this addition has allowed Imaginarium Pictures to become a leader in quality real estate photography and video production services.  Learn more at Homes In Kalamazoo.